Family Friendly Beaches Perfect for Vacation Rentals

Family Friendly Beaches

Family-Friendly Beaches with Short-term Rental Potential

Vacation rental properties are everywhere, but if you want to own one, you’re likely to do better if it’s close to a family-friendly beach.  Nearly 60 million people in The United States visited beaches in 2010 according to the US Census Bureau. So, there’s plenty of market share to go around for vacation rentals.

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Myrtle Beach, SC
Ocean City, MD
Clearwater Beach, FL
Tybee Island, GA
Nags Head, NC
Hanauma Bay, HI

Let’s take a look at some of the best family-friendly beaches for owning a vacation rental:

Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach is at the top of our list of family-friendly beach destinations. When you choose to own a vacation rental in Myrtle, you are guaranteeing that your guests will have plenty of opportunities to spend some time out in the Atlantic Ocean. Myrtle Beach is perfect for swimming, jet skiing, and simply making a sandcastle or two while soaking in the rays from the sun. Your guests will also love having the chance to do some zip-lining, miniature golf, and a little shopping at Broadway at the Beach. The arcades at the boardwalk are another hit with children of all ages.

If you do not own a vacation rental in Myrtle Beach yet, you will be happy to know that there are 18 million visitors each year and the median home value is only $129,000. It’s not uncommon to find oceanfront properties for less than you ever thought possible. The best options for vacation rentals in the Myrtle Beach area are two and three-bedroom homes, although two bedrooms rent best near the water.

Ocean City, MD

Ocean City Beach is ten miles in length, which means that your guests can find the perfect spot in the sand almost anywhere. Although the most family-friendly part of the beach is to the north of the boardwalk, as it is quieter and less busy. Families will love strolling along the Ocean City Boardwalk, as they do a little shopping, grab some famous Boardwalk Fries, and venture into the many other attractions along the way. The best part about having a vacation rental in this area is that all your guests can easily take a day trip to Assateague Island National Park to see the wild horses.

When you are ready to purchase your vacation rental in Ocean City, you will find that a condo near the ocean is going to be your best option. An average price for a two-bedroom condo on the street near the sea is around $200,000, but you will be amazed at what you can find if you increase your budget slightly. More than seven million people vacation in Ocean City each year, so you should have no problem keeping your vacation rental booked when you are not using it. It’s important to note that the “city” does slow down significantly in the Winter months, so you’ll want to consider the carrying costs when evaluating whether Ocean City is the right choice for your next rental.

Clearwater Beach, FL

Some of the best sandcastles in the world are constructed on Clearwater Beach in Florida, thanks to the sugary sand. However, many people choose this destination for the romantic sunsets – even with kids in tow. Families come from far and wide to see Winter and Hope, the infamous dolphins, at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. So, it would help if you provided directions to that attraction for your guests.

The median price for a home in Clearwater is $325,000, and we recommend trying to find a two or three-bedroom property, near the coast of course. Clearwater doesn’t publish any firm numbers on how many people travel to Clearwater each year, but you can rest assured that they get their fair share of the more than one hundred million that arrive in the state.

Tybee Island, GA

There are times when a beach vacation is just not complete unless it involves a lighthouse. Thankfully, if you have a home on Tybee Island, or nearby, your guests can have the best of the lighthouse, the beach, and the historic city of Savannah. After seeing the lighthouse and taking a dip in the waters of the Atlantic, guests can venture over to the Tybee Island Marine Science Center to learn about the local population of sea turtles. Our favorite part about staying in this area is all the fresh seafood available for every meal.

Since Tybee Island is a year-round travel destination, you may want to consider joining the more than nine hundred available vacation rentals. Many visitors return to Tybee Island year after year, so there is an excellent chance that you can have the same guests making reservations. With the average rental worthy property costing close to $500,000, you’re going to need a low vacancy rate. Luckily, vacation rentals in Tybee rent for a premium price, so it won’t be that difficult to stay profitable.

Kennebunkport, ME

The beaches in Kennebunkport bring adventures along with the sand and saltwater, which means that they are perfect for families. Days can be spent exploring in between swims, and no one will want to leave until they have found the perfect sand dollar. Couples and families alike love wandering through town, but kids will have the most fun at the Seashore Trolley Museum. Kennebunkport happens to be one of the best places to enjoy a lobster dinner, so make sure your guests know the best spots around town to savor the culinary favorite.

Attaining a vacation rental in Kennebunkport is not going to be easy, because the prices for homes in the area are quite high. They are, in fact, some of the most expensive homes in the country. However, with the number of people that arrive there for vacation during the summer months, and those who return throughout the year, you will have no difficulty recouping your costs in a short period. Plus, you’ll have a desirable home in a desirable destination for your enjoyment.

Nags Head, NC

Nags Head can be found on Bodie Island, which is part of the Outer Banks. This is a fabulous destination for many families because there are tons of activities available both indoors and out. When your guests are not at the local beaches, they might want to go on a dolphin watch or do some go-kart racing at one of the local tracks. The tallest sand-dune on the Atlantic Coast is nearby and is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. Many people every year enjoy doing a little dune sledding there.

Nags Head is one of the best places to own a rental property in the Outer Banks because of its central location. The median price of a home in this area is $520,000, so you will need to consider the cost and search for good deals. Remember, the purchase price has a considerable impact on profitability. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the Outer Banks each year though, so you will find your vacation rental booked more often than not.

Santa Monica State Beach, CA

Travelers near Santa Monica State Beach in California are going to want to spend a fair amount of time at the beach. Therefore, your homes closer proximity to the sand will lead to more bookings than inland homes. Families will love the scavenger hunt while wandering the pier, while other guests will prefer a ride on the Pacific Park Ferris Wheel. We recommend that you leave your guests a comprehensive list of things to do in the area – and trust us that list is lengthy. One of the items on that list must be the Tuesday Night Food Trucks at the California Heritage Museum because it is an excellent way to try local cuisine at a reasonable price.

The median price of a home near Santa Monica State Beach is 1.8 million dollars, but you will be able to rent it out for at least $3,000 a week and more if it is close to the water. You are practically guaranteed to have success in renting out your home too because more than seven million people visit this area every single year.

Zuma Beach, CA

Zuma Beach can be found in the northern section of Malibu, which is a popular area amongst many people in California. Zuma Beach is large, but during the summer, as the crowds arrive, it can be filled by lunchtime. Your guests will enjoy surfing, boogie boarding, and swimming when they are at the beach, and will no doubt be tempted to join one of the many games of beach volleyball. Visitors will also want to venture out to Malibu Creek State Park, the Getty Villa, Point Mugu, and the Adamson House during their stay. Anyone looking for a little excitement and adventure will want to see how well they can do at natural rock climbing out at Point Dume.

If you are considering a vacation rental purchase near Zuma Beach, you are going to want to find one that is as close to the water as possible for the best rental potential. After all, that is what everyone traveling to this area is looking to enjoy. While you may want a home, you should also consider the potential of a condo, as they are slightly cheaper. Currently, the median price of a home in northern Malibu, near Zuma Beach, is 3.5 million.

South Padre Island Beach, TX

Everyone loves building sandcastles, but at South Padre Island Beach, your guests will have the opportunity to learn from the best. Lucinda Wierenga has been using the sand on this beach to construct sandcastles since 1985, and people of all ages will love her two-hour classes with all the tricks of the trade. When your guests are tired of the sand between their toes, they might want to stop into Sea Turtle Inc, a rehab for injured sea turtles. While there are plenty of museums and other outdoor activities, many visitors will choose to climb the more than one hundred stairs of the Port Isabel Lighthouse before they leave.

When looking at vacation rentals to purchase near South Padre Island Beach, please keep in mind that the east side of Padre Boulevard is considered beachside and the other side of the street is considered bayside. It’s ideal to purchase three- or four-bedroom homes in this area, as they rent the best, especially during the summer months. The median home price on South Padre Island is $264,000, and you should easily be able to recoup that amount quickly with the more than one million people that visit every year.

Hanauma Bay, HI

The white sandy beaches near Hanauma Bay are perfect for those families looking for a little snorkeling adventure on their Hawaiian getaway. We recommend letting your guests know that they should arrive at Hanauma Bay as early as possible in the morning, as the parking lot gets filled promptly after it opens at six in the morning. Once everyone is tired from all the swimming, they may want to go across the street to the Koko Head Hike. This trail is a little strenuous, so it may not be best for younger children. Visitors may also want to take the time to see Pearl Harbor, while others will be happy with a tour of the island itself.

Depending on your budget, you will most likely need to purchase a condo for your vacation rental near Hanauma Bay, as there are not as many reasonably priced homes available on the island near the water. Prices are going to be higher since you are purchasing on an island, but that also means that you can rent your property for much more to the 9.3 million people that visit the islands each year.

As you can see, there are many family friendly beaches that you can consider for your vacation rental. While you need to make sure that you love the vacation rental that you purchase, and the nearby activities and attractions, you need to make sure that your guests will enjoy it as much as you. After all, you need to ensure that your vacation rental is booked throughout the year so that you can benefit from its purchase.

Regardless of where you purchase your next vacation rental, PMBO has the rental software to help you manage one or all of your locations.

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