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Get Started

Benefits of PMBO

PMBO accesses over 40 distribution channels to connect your property to over 200 million monthly visitors. PMBO allows you to reach more guests and, get more bookings!

Sign Up Requires Following Documents:

  1. Online signature required.
    Send copy of online signature to as well as to the user. Accessible via PMBO Admin.
  2. Secure w9 Form:
    User should be provided secure w9 form to enter SSN/EIN and sign online. Accessible via PMBO Admin.
  3. Copy of Driver’s License or ID:
    Upload copy of driver’s license to account. Accessible via PMBO admin.
  4. Property Title Paperwork:
    Upload proof of authority to own/rent property: Mortgage Statement with Property address and owner name, Assessor’s Office Statement with property address and owner name. If being handled via rental management copy, in addition to above, also require rental management agreement with rental manager and owner’s signature. Accessible via PMBO Admin.

Want to hear more ways we can help grow your real estate investment while taking care of the rental management work for you?

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