Choose Glamping Over Camping

Glamping Vacation Rentals

Glamping Vacation Rentals

Camping has been a popular summer option for families for years now, but not everyone is a fan of sleeping on the ground and living without all the comforts of home.  While that could be a reason for many people to skip the campfire memories, there is a solution that most homebodies will be thrilled with.  That solution is glamping, and it is gaining in popularity all over the country and even the world! 

There are many glamping vacation rentals available to those who are willing to give camping another try.  If you are unsure of what glamping is, you will be happy to know that it is luxury camping with almost every comfort of home that you love.  You will not be waking up on the cold hard ground with bugs crawling around you.  Instead, you will be waking up in a comfortable bed inside a glamping rental.  And the good news is that you can still enjoy the wonderful outdoors, which will be just steps from where you are staying! 

There are many reasons why you can choose to go glamping, but some of the best reasons to consider glamping are that it is eco-friendly and you are closer to nature than you would be if you stayed in a hotel.  Plus, glamping is more economical than staying in a hotel, which means that you can have a little extra money to put towards another glamping vacation or further adventures. 

Amazing Glamping Tents

When you take advantage of the many glamping tent rentals that are available, you can find yourself staying inside some of the most beautiful spaces in the entire world.  Each tent has its unique features, but some of the more popular ones that we have seen include a clear tent shaped like a bubble, a yurt-style tent, and a tent that has three separate rooms.  This last one is popular amongst families and those who are planning on spending a lot of time glamping in one area because they can have multiple bedrooms and dedicated living space. 

Inside glamping tent rentals, you will typically find large air mattresses fitted with luxurious bedding, mood lighting, and even a portable heater for those cooler nights.  If the tent that you choose is large enough, you may also have a table and chairs to enjoy meals at or to sit at while playing a game or reading. 

The best part about glamping in tents is that you can choose which comforts of home to include in your adventures.

Spectacular Glamping RVs

Now if you are the type of person that will never stay inside a tent, no matter how glamorous it is, you may want to consider glamping RV rentals.  You can choose the size of the RV that meets your needs, while also considering all of the little details and modern amenities that it offers for your glamping experience. 

Almost every glamping RV rental comes complete with a kitchenette, so you never need to stoop over a fire to attempt cooking a meal.  You can bring your favorite ingredients with you and store them in the refrigerator and the cabinets.  Of course, when you are done cooking, you can serve your meals on real plates and eat using real silverware.  While you can eat at the table inside your kitchenette, you may at least want to consider dining outside while sitting in chairs under a string of lights and with the glow of candles lit on a nearby table. Consider it an outdoor bistro.

The best part of glamping RV rentals is that you will have a bathroom right there in the RV, so you will never need to wander too far to use the facilities at any time of the day or night. 

While every RV rental offers the comforts of home, you can also add a few extra items to improve your experience.  Consider grabbing your favorite comforter, reclining chairs for sitting out under the stars, a hammock to string up in the nearby trees, and even a few other touches from home like artwork, outdoor rugs, and vases full of fresh flowers.

Of course, you can forgo all those things and live with the basics that are included within your RV.   

Additional Glamping Vacation Rental Options

When it comes to glamping vacation rentals, you are not going to be limited to tents and RVs either.  There are numerous other options that include yurts, pods, bell tents, treehouses, teepees, igloos, caves, cabins, cabooses, fire towers, lighthouses, and even converted buses.

We know that you are going to love this type of camping, so find your favorite amongst all the available glamping vacation rentals and give it a try.  You won’t be disappointed, and you may find yourself interested in buying a glamping vacation rental property of your own.  These properties are hot right now and you will easily recoup your money renting it out when you are not using it.  Then you can spend time vacationing in an area that you love and reap the rewards with your very own glamping vacation rental.

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