PMBO Housekeeping App

One of the most challenging aspects of managing your vacation rental is coordinating and managing the housekeeping. No one wants to walk into their Airbnb property to find soiled bedding and full trash cans. And let’s face it, as an owner you don’t want that either. PMBO has taken a stressful aspect of property management and turned it into a simple manageable process with their integrated housekeeping app. With the user-friendly dashboard, housekeepers can communicate with you, no matter where you are. No need to drop in for a white glove inspection, the PMBO housekeeping app is your new on-site quality control. However, if you do use a project manager for your rental, he or she can work within the app for an added level of control.

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How does the housekeeping app work?

Don’t leave your housekeepers guessing as to what needs to be done. It seems like common sense that a housekeeper would clean what’s dirty, but sometimes mistakes are made. With the PMBO housekeeping app, you can provide housekeepers with a detailed checklist to ensure the property will be cleaned to your standards.

Now you can know precisely when housekeepers arrive and leave. How many times have you received a message about a guest wanting to check in early? Now you’ll know exactly when the property is ready for check-ins. No need for extra phone calls or anxiety. The PMBO housekeeping app keeps you in the loop, so you can communicate quickly with your guests, increasing your confidence and their satisfaction.

Time is of the essence when trying to repair your property and have it ready for your next guest. With real-time reporting, you can stay on top of your damages, get maintenance specialists to the property quicker, and notify incoming guests of problems before they arrive. Letting a guest know the dishwasher isn’t working before they load it up could be the difference between a good and bad review.

No more “he said she said” arguments about the condition of your property. Housekeepers can easily load images that show the state of your property upon entering and the quality of their work when they leave. Time-stamped images show that the chair wasn’t broken before your guests arrived.

Is the fridge a little noisy, or the A/C unit not blowing as cold as it should be? These might not be deal breakers, but they are maintenance concerns that should be addressed. Get them taken care of quickly and efficiently using the PMBO app.

Use the functionality of the PMBO housekeeping app to allow supervisor inspections. The app enables housekeepers to document their time and work, but if you still want an added level on quality control, your supervisor can double check and sign off on the job through the app.

The PMBO Housekeeping app helps your housekeeper too!

Housekeepers can see what guests are checking out today quickly and easily. A simple search within the app allows housekeeping to plan their cleaning schedule efficiently. The app keeps them accountable for the quality of their work while speeding up the process and making them more profitable.

A good housekeeping app will bring your vacation rental to the next level. The best housekeeping apps will increase your owner ratings, increase your profits, and keep your renters and staff happy. At PMBO we’re bringing back the actual vacation rental by owner concept. Our housekeeping app puts control of your vacation rental property right at your fingertips. Find out what else PMBO is doing to boost your profits by checking out our other products.

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