Local Host By Owner Application

Saving you time and money, we’ve integrated a guest concierge application to automate and impress your guests.  Property and Reservation information at the guests fingertips as well as local weather, events, restaurants and activities and an integrated communication thread.  We’ve even built in Mobile check-in, Mobile Check-Out and frequently asked questions such as direction or WIFI info.

It’s all about the Guest Experience.

Our Local Host By Owner guest hospitality app is your local concierge, greeting your guests and
providing a quick resource for information before, during and after their stay. We understand guest
experience and have created software to assist the property owner to quickly and easily provide that 5
STAR experience to their guests, even if they are new to the vacation rental industry. We make it easy.
And, we make it fun!

Local Host By Owner is the perfect application for the vacation rental owner:

Better Guest Service: We know what questions guests need answered and have provided an app with a
built in concierge service. Need local restaurant recommendations. We’ve got that. Need directions?
We’ve got that. Can’t find the wi-fi? We’ve got that. Our goal is to provide the information guests need
in an easy and friendly format, customized and direct per the owner.

Time Savings to the Property Owner: Our customized Local Host By Owner app allows for customized
information to be shared with guests. The automated concierge service cuts down dramatically on the
number of phone calls or emails that need to be answered and gives the individual property owner the
“professional service” that sets them apart.

Better Vacations! Traveling is stressful. The more we can ease this stress by making sure we have the
information guests need directly at their fingertips, the better experience our guests will have!
Better Experience = Better Reviews! Local Host by Owner property owners capitalize on the guest
experience, driving better guest reviews and positive feedback to attract future renters!

Local Host By Owner App Highlights:

Reservation Information. All reservation details and property information are loaded into the app,
with a link sent to the guest upon reservation and at key communication points in the guest stay.
Check-in time, directions, door access codes, parking recommendations – all the information your
guests need to locate your property.

Mobile Check-In. This feature is so popular that many travel sites now promote and segment their
properties based on the ability for the guest to do a mobile check-in. Our quick and easy app records
check in and also collects critical information from the guest to make sure they’ve arrived okay.

Property Information. What is the Wi-Fi? How do you work the hot tub? Where can I find the TV
guide? Quick and easy answers are critical when your goal is 5 STAR guest service. Our app acts as a
house guide, quickly providing information to guests while staying in the property.

Restaurant/Activity Recommendations. Not familiar with the area, our app provides local
recommendations for nearby restaurants and activities.

Local Weather. What to expect for weather. Yep, we’ve got that too, as well as local snow and tide

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