Loyalty Program

VacaVibe Loyalty Program

VacaVibe is so confident that you’ll love our software that we offer a discount for every year you stay with us. We reward your loyalty by increasing your profits every year for the first five years. 

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Each year you remain active with VacaVibe, the commission fee per reservation is reduced by .5% discount. By year five you’ll enjoy another 2% in total profits.

1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th Year
Signup %    -.5%     -1%    -1.5%     -2%

VacaVibe Affiliate Program


In addition to our Loyalty Program which rewards property owners each year they stay active with VacaVibe; we also have an affiliate program. VacaVibe affiliates will receive an incentive for referring other vacation rental owners who sign up for our software. Check back regularly to find out when the program begins.

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