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VacaVibe Vacation Rental App

To be profitable with your vacation rental, you need to be able to manage it efficiently. To maximize profits, you should be managing your rental yourself. Paying a property manager can cost you up to 40%, leaving a minimal margin for profit. That’s where VacaVibe comes in. Managing your vacation rental property has never been easier, and we’ll show you how.

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With the VacaVibe Vacation Rental app, quickly and easily use your cell phone to look at and manage:

Today’s Check-ins and Check-outs
Tomorrow’s Check-Ins and Check-Outs
A full list of all guest reservations
And much more….

How Does The VacaVibe Mobile App Work?

At VacaVibe, our focus is on giving you the right tools for quick and easy guest communications. Our vacation rental management software is packaged as a convenient mobile app with pre-built text messages. Text messaging is the most effective way to communicate with your renters because it’s less invasive than a phone call and more accessible than emails. The information you send is quickly and conveniently available, right at your fingertips.

Get critical information to your renters fast. Not all vacation rentals have excellent cell phone data service, so make sure your renters have the vital information before they arrive.

With the VacaVibe vacation rental app, you can send vital info like:

Lockbox Codes
Parking Instructions
WiFi Logins
And much more…

Guest communication is critical to creating a 5-star experience. Our app has carefully crafted messages you can send out to communicate with your guests before arrival. Renters appreciate a warm welcome and the piece of mind that they can reach you in the event of a problem.

In our experience, communicating with your guests has a positive impact on reviews and ratings. The goal is not to overwhelm your renters with communication, but to give them access to you if they need it. Custom defined messages allow you to check-in with them during their stay and respond to common questions.

A responsive owner gets higher rankings and better response rates. Use this to your advantage by sending custom defined messages to help instruct your guest with your unique check-out process. Send them a check-out reminder, check-out time, a list of tasks that need completion, thank you for staying messages and more.

Why VacaVibe Rental Software?

The right vacation rental app will help you get the most out of your vacation rental. All the functionality you need to increase your profits, rankings, and reviews is now bundled in our convenient mobile app; just a click away.

If our VacaVibe vacation rental app isn’t enough to convince you that you can take control of your vacation rental, then check out our Housekeeping App integration.

Our vacation rental app is fully integrated with our VacaVibe Housekeeping application, with cross visibility into when your home was last cleaned. The app makes tracking super simple.  

Your guest wants an early check-in? Just pull up the mobile app, look at check-ins for today, scroll down to see if the unit is ready and reply directly to your guest.  Learn more about our housekeeping app by clicking the button below.

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