Why is PMBO the Best Airbnb Management Service?

Airbnb Management Service

Airbnb has completely changed the way people book vacation accommodations and how vacation rental owners manage their properties. While Airbnb may be the king of short-term accommodations, there are more sites and services to list and manage your vacation rental. If you own or operate an Airbnb rental (or several), you know there’s much more to keeping guests happy than booking their room.

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Marketing, property management, and scheduling are just some of the daily tasks for a vacation rental owner, but there’s help with PMBO. Using PMBO allows for easier management and much less time spent worrying about a house that’s likely hundreds of miles away from you. What can PMBO offer vacation rental owners and managers?

Management Across the Spectrum

PMBO’s best feature is the Channel Manager. PMBO’s Channel Manager lets owners and property managers list and manage their vacation rentals over 40 unique channels, including Airbnb. The Channel Manager enables you to easily enter information like rates and pictures, update all your listings in one click, manage occupancy, and view a consolidated booking history. If you want your rental to be visible on Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, Priceline, and several others use PMBO to list and update with only a few clicks.

Airbnb Host Management Services

Though PMBO allows you to list and manage across 40 unique channels, we know Airbnb is king of vacation rental platforms. PMBO’s full spectrum Airbnb host management services enable you to control and manage your Airbnb rental with ease. Both you and your Airbnb renters can use PMBO for check-in, communication, any issues with the property, or as a concierge service. The flawless communication, bevy of services, and customer support will help you be the best possible Airbnb host, and your reviews will show it.
You can also use PMBO to list your Airbnb, manage your booking schedule, control rates, keep track of maintenance and cleaning schedules, and much more. Airbnb is an excellent tool for vacation rental owners, but you can bring your booking to the next level with PMBO’s Airbnb host management services.

Airbnb Host Management and Local Hosting Feature

Clear and open communication to your renters is key to a great vacation rental experience. Check out any bad Airbnb review, and most of the negatives come from poor communication. PMBO turns you from a distant owner into a local host. You and your renters can use the Local Hosting feature to show your renters around town, allow them to report problems, quick check in and out, and much more.
It can be tough to be a good host, especially if you’re new to the game of Airbnb host management, but PMBO uses intuitive features and prompts to ease you through all the tools and features. Before long, you’ll be a pro and an affable host – even if you’re across the country.

Managing Your Airbnb Management Companies

Are you far away from your vacation rental and need better help? PMBO can help you better track your onsite management and different Airbnb management companies. You can use PMBO to organize your plumber, roofer, or landscape maintenance company, so your renters don’t stumble onto a leaky toilet or overgrown yard. You can also turn on supervisor status so onsite property managers can log and manage your maintenance and upkeep services while you’re away or on vacation yourself.

Other Great Features for Your Airbnb Rental


Upkeep, maintenance, and regular cleaning aren’t the most glorious of tasks, but they have to be done. If you have several rentals keeping track of different cleaning schedules and organizing repair crews is a job in itself, but PMBO can help you out. You can use the Housekeeping app on PMBO to keep track of cleaning schedules and other maintenance tasks, schedule appointments, and reminders, check the current housekeeping status of a property, report maintenance issues, and let housekeepers instantly report any damage. Your renters will never arrive at a messy house or dirty sheets with the housekeeping feature.

Mobile App

If you’re away from home, you still need to manage your Airbnb rental, but it’s no worry with PMBO’s Mobile App. The Mobile App allows you to use several PMBO features no matter where you are, including check-in, guest messaging, and concierge services. You can use the mobile app to send renters a key code or wish them a happy arrival. Better communication makes for more satisfied renters so take advantage of our mobile features.

Become the Best Airbnb Host

When everything is organized and in place, both you and your renters will have a better time. Check out PMBO’s numerous Airbnb-aimed features or see how you can use our platform to manage your listing across 40 unique channels. PMBO has been around longer than Airbnb; we know how to manage it.

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