PMBO Smart Bundle (Annual)


PMBO Smart Bundle (Annual)

$497.00 $297.00 / year with a 30-day free trial

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Annual Bundle (Property Listing & All Add-Ons) – Maximize Rental Potential available, including popular channels below as well as niche, travel sites and other vacation rental sites to maximize your exposure and maximize your potential.

Yes No Include This Channel
  VRBO / HomeAway Family ($0.00)
   AirBnB ($0.00) ($0.00)
  Expedia ($0.00)
  Google ($0.00)
All Other Available Channels ($0.00)
  VTBO: Vacation Travel By Owner ($0.00)


VRBO / HomeAway Options:

“The VRBO / HomeAway channel offers two options for set up. In the Pay Per Booking Model, the channel charges an additional 5% per reservation. This markup is automatically applied to your pricing. Or, you can choose an annual with payment of $499 with no additional commissions. Generally speaking, if you expect to do less than $10,000 per year in bookings on ONLY the VRBO/HomeAway channel, it is more cost effective to use the Pay Per Booking Model.”

Yes No
  Pay Per Booking Option ($0.00)
  Annual Listing ($499.00)

Annual Bundle (Property Listing & All Add-Ons) – Save 40%

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