Top 5 Features in Vacation Home Management Software

Vacation Home Management Software

Top 5 Features in Vacation Home Management Software

So, you’re ready to turn your vacation home into a rental property? Well, if you’re new to this business – and as you already know if you’re familiar with this business – managing properties requires a good deal of hard work, diligence, and superb levels of marketing and communication. Luckily for you, rental management apps such as PMBO allow hosts to do a better and more efficient job at reaching millions of potential travelers, staying in contact with them during their stay, and leaving them as pleased customers by the time they leave your property.

    Here are just five of the most important examples of such management software that anyone in your position should have now:

From Airbnb to HomeAway to Expedia to many more, there are multiple ways in which someone managing a vacation home can reach out for potential customers who are seeking a place such as yours to stay. However, it can’t possibly be enough to place a listing of your property on only one of these platforms. If your goal is to reach the broadest possible audience of prospective guests, you should be aiming to put listings on all of these various channels. Thankfully, with the help of property management apps such as this – which allows for cross channel management – it can become significantly more accessible and straightforward. PMBO makes controlling each channel simpler, easily reaching more people than you otherwise might have been able to. If you don’t already have software such as this, do yourself a favor and get it now. After all, the more people who know about your listing, the more likely it will be that your rental property will be consistently booked.

When it comes to keeping track of your vacation rental property, it is always important to be able to easily keep track of which of your guests are arriving and departing at what times, and for them to be able to communicate those dates and times to you easily. By using a mobile app – one which can easily be accessed by property owners and guests alike – the entire process and stay becomes significantly easier for people on both sides of that dynamic. With the help of an app such as PMBO, guests staying at your property can easily check themselves in and out, letting you know who is at your property currently, who has left within the past day or so, and when to expect any such arrival or departure dates. At the same time, this app allows you to keep track of not only all your current guests but all those who are scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks or months.

As indicated above, whenever you have guests staying at your property, it is vitally important for you as a host to maintain excellent communications with the guests. It’s arguably the most essential aspect of building a positive reputation as a property manager for your potential future guests. Among the questions that your potential guests might ask of you, a good portion of them will inevitably have something to do with the details of the local area, in terms of everything from the local weather to restaurants and attractions that tourists might enjoy. By having access to the local host app for guest communications, this role becomes significantly more manageable for you. It will help your guests find ways to make their stay in your area more pleasurable than it otherwise might have been, and ultimately will help you ensure that your reputation as a great host is preserved.

Regardless of what may or may not happen as various guests come and go during their stays, one thing will always remain constant: As each guest leaves, the property will still be your responsibility for maintaining and monitoring, so that it can always be available to your next guests on time. That’s precisely why it’s important to hire someone to handle housekeeping, to prevent situations that may make your property potentially undesirable for future guests. With the help of housekeeping management software, you can efficiently manage and monitor this crucial aspect of preserving your property, find and hire people to get the job done and pay them more efficiently.

If you’re like nearly anyone else who goes into the business of managing their vacation home, there’s a strong chance that you’re probably doing so in the hopes of turning a profit along the way. Lucky for you, in addition to all the other apps currently being offered by PMBO, there is now a program that allows you to make even more money each year. Each year you stay with PMBO, the customer loyalty program gives you an additional discount that will enable you to earn an extra percentage worth in profits on your vacation rental properties. It’s an incredible opportunity that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, and that – along with the other management programs that are offered – indeed should be enough to make you want to become a member today!

Making the right choice.

Regardless of which management software you choose, it’s important to know what features are available and consider your needs. If you plan to manage housekeeping on your own, then the PMBO housekeeping add-on might not be necessary at first. However, if you plan to grow your network of vacation homes you should keep scalability in mind. You might be able to handle the first few properties, but what happens when you have 10 or 15? PMBO is the most flexible vacation home management software available. We are so confident in that; we’re offering free 30 day trials of our software. Try it now!

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