What is VTBO?

VTBO - Vacation Travel By Owner

What is VTBO?

VTBO (Vacation Travel by Owner®) is a marketing company site for PMBO (Property Management by Owner®)

PMBO is a franchise that started in Summit County, Colorado and has expanded first across the state of Colorado and is now available nationwide, providing vacation rental management software and channel integration specifically for the individual property owner who is interested in joining the profitable short term or vacation rental marketplace.  Short term rentals or vacation rentals are rentals that are 30 days or less in duration and have become the popular alternative to hotels based on popular lodging sites like VRBO, Airbnb, Booking.com and other travel related sites.

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Real Vacation Rental By Owner is back

The key to successful vacation rental ownership is often a focus on cash flow.  As an owner, PMBO offers the necessary tools to allow you to manage your short-term vacation rentals & do your local hosting without a professional (and expensive) property management company. PMBO software was designed to bring back the real “vacation rental by owner” concept, giving the property owner control of their vacation rental business. Software, Tools, Visibility, Channel Distribution and years of Vacation Rental Management Expertise are all rolled into our platform, providing everything the individual property owner needs for success and increased profits!

A vital part of the success of PMBO is the addition of VTBO to our network.  Vacation Travel By Owner® is the vacation rental booking site for PMBO properties, and we provide true by-owner lodging for our PMBO network of vacation rental properties at direct per owner prices. As the marketing site for PMBO, VTBO (Vacation Travel By Owner) not only offers vacation rental lodging direct per owner, but we do this with NO ADDITIONAL BOOKING fees! Popular “by owner” vacation rental lodging is no longer by owner and guests are seeing additional, often hidden, booking fees of up to 25%. By eliminating these service and integration fees, VTBO provides affordable lodging options for vacation travelers, saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars on vacation lodging costs.

The PMBO and VTBO network value proposition

When people go on vacation, lodging is one of the most critical factors in ensuring that they have a pleasant enjoyable stay. Most property owners default to using the existing (and expensive) popular booking channels or utilizing a property management company, who then puts the property out on well-known booking channels (double cost whammy!).  With PMBO, we still utilize these channels as needed, but property owners also get automatic inclusion in our VTBO channel.

VTBO is a built-in marketing platform that makes it a win-win for both the property owner and the guest.  Our “no service fee” guarantee means lower costs of rental. With the lower cost of renting comes more money in the pocket of both the property owner and the vacation traveler. Lower accommodations cost on the part of the traveler leads to higher guest value, better reviews, and better overall guest experience.  Better over-all experience leads to positive feedback on the part of the guest, which turns into additional bookings for the owner. Win-Win!

Why join the PBMO and VTBO Network?

Join the lucrative vacation rental market. Research shows that online reservations are growing and the customer base is demanding real-time, instant booking options for lodging reservations. Popular vacation rental sites like VRBO and Airbnb, while expensive, have transformed the vacation lodging landscape.  

Our VTBO system provides an ability to attract vacation travelers with no service fees, increasing both profits and value. Property owners don’t have to sit by the phone or email and wait for reservations because PMBO eliminates the hassle. By automating and targeting prospective tenants, you can increase your revenue stream by up to 60%.  

When you sign up for property management, your property is automatically included in our affiliate websites to generate immediate traffic to your property.  Additionally, all PMBO properties are included in our VTBO network, providing real-time booking services and a quickly growing vacation rental marketing platform.  VTBO is an exclusive service only available to our members using our PMBO property management software.

Increase your cash flow. It can be difficult and sometimes even impossible to generate positive cash flow from a vacation rental, especially when you as a property owner pay someone else 35%- 60% of all rental income in management fees – check out our compare and save page to see the breakdwon. Additionally, with the costs now being passed on to vacation rental guests by popular “what used to be by owner” vacation rental channels in the form of service and traveler fees, it seems like everyone is taking a piece of the property owner pie – and a large one at that.

Our PMBO VTBO network allows you to make money and increase your cash flow using our rental property software and cuts out those additional costs.  We are genuinely a property by owner platform and are bringing back true “by owner” prices through our VTBO direct per owner travel network.

Efficiently manage your property calendar and guests. Managing the inventory for your rental property can be tough if you travel a lot or live in a different location. With real-time inventory management, property syndication to our VTBO booking platform and channel partners, calendar and rate syncing, a centralized reservation dashboard and consolidated reservation reporting, PMBO makes it easy for property owners to track and manage both their property inventory and guests.  

No contracts or commitments. If you’re hesitant about using a property management company because of the commitment, don’t be. With PMBO there are no yearly contracts or blackout dates.  We strive to keep your business not because you are contractually bound, but rather because you see high value in the available services. We also do not dictate how many nights or what nights you can utilize your property in a year.  It is your property, and you should be able to use it as you want to.

We invite you to connect with us today

We’re currently seeking beach, mountain, urban, wine country, hunting and fishing and national park vacation rentals due to high lodging demands per our travel network. If you own a vacation rental in these areas, we’d love to have you join our PMBO and VTBO network.

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