Why Your Next Vacation Rental Should Be a Yurt

Yurt Glamping

What is a Yurt?

Yurts are tent-like structures similar to Mongolian huts, meaning that they are round and have straight walls that bend to create the peak of the roof. While older yurts were designed to collapse when a person was not using them, the newer versions are more permanent designs.
It used to be uncommon to find yurts available for vacation rentals, but now, as the glamping vacation rental industry soars, they are popping up everywhere. In fact, you can find yurts from the beaches of Hawai’i to the eastern coast in the United States, as well as almost every destination you can imagine the world over.

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Reasons to Choose a Yurt for Your Next Glamping Vacation Rental

We could go on and on as to the reasons why you should choose a yurt for your next glamping vacation rental, but we will narrow it down to the top four.

  • 1. All The Comforts of Home

    We are not joking. You can indeed have all the comforts of home when you choose a yurt over a more traditional tent during your next 'camping' vacation. Imagine sleeping in a queen or king size bed instead of in a sleeping bag or waking up on the hard ground when your air mattress deflates. Tables and chairs allow you to play games or eat in style inside, while wood stoves keep you warm and add a beautiful ambiance. Most yurts have kitchens or kitchenettes too, so you can easily prepare your meals without starting a campfire outside. Some yurts even have saunas so that you can relax multiple times after your hiking expeditions during your vacation.

  • 2. Enjoy Nature at Every Turn

    While you may not enjoy sleeping on the ground, that doesn't mean you will not love everything else that is out in nature. When you choose to stay in a yurt, you will often find yourself close to many trails or water so that you can venture out hiking or kayaking with just a moment's notice. Proximity to nature is typically not the case with hotels or more traditional vacation rentals.

  • 3. Bond with Family and Friends

    The goal of traveling is often to bond with family and friends when you are on vacation, but a yurt will allow you to become closer than ever. It may be that nature and no other interruptions surround you or it could be that there is so much to do, as well as the fact that you are all staying inside one huge open room.

  • 4. Privacy is Everywhere

    You're unlikely to hear honking horns, yelling neighbors, or diesel trucks when you are staying in a yurt during your next vacation. Instead, you're more likely to hear the sounds of nature. The seclusion is a great way to disconnect from technology and all the distractions that it brings. Depending on where your yurt is located, you may, or may not, have Wi-Fi or a cell signal. Although we consider the latter to be a plus on vacation, you might want to check this feature before booking.

Consider Purchasing A Yurt Vacation Rental

Once you have chosen a yurt as a glamping vacation rental a time or two, you may decide that you want to be a proud owner of your own yurt. Yurts can be an excellent investment because of their low cost and because you can rent your yurt out when you are not using it. You will want to know precisely how you want to use your yurt before purchasing it because that will determine the size and furnishing you’ll need.

Once you’ve decided what type of yurt will fit your needs best, you will want to decide on purchasing an existing yurt or building one. If you choose the latter, you will need to determine where you want your yurt to be. Your yurt will likely be out in nature, but you will want to take your heating, electrical, and plumbing options into consideration before making your final decision. After all, you are going to want all those things for many years of fantastic glamping experiences.

A Custom Yurt?

The best part of purchasing your very own yurt is that, like a regular home, you can customize the inside any way that you wish. While your options are plentiful, you will find that you have even more options when you start from scratch and build your yurt. It is that scenario that will allow you to choose the color of your yurt, the shape of the dome, the door styles, and additional insulation packages.

However, if you are purchasing an existing yurt, there is still plenty that you can customize on the inside! You can choose to make this space slightly rustic to match the nature that is everywhere outside, or you may want to glam things up a bit. Imagine wood floors, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, comfortable couches and chairs, and luxurious bathrooms with all the little details. You can even choose to create bunk beds or loft space, so you can fit more people inside or have a more open space to enjoy during the day.

Yurt Maintenance

You may be hesitant to own a yurt, simply because you are worried that it will take too much time to maintain. However, yurts are quite easy to care for.

Here is a helpful list of when you will need to perform maintenance on your yurt:

• Twice a Year – The top and side covers, as well as the dome and windows, will need to be cleaned twice a year.
• Once a Year – The door and frame of your yurt should be cleaned once a year.
• Monthly – If you have a wood stove inside your yurt, you will want to clean it once a month to keep it working safely.
• As Needed – Over time, you may see a small tear in your yurt, and you will want to repair those tears right away to prevent them from getting larger and creating additional problems or expenses.
• Regularly – While a lot of yurt maintenance occurs only once or twice a year, you should inspect your yurt regularly to ensure that everything is connected correctly and is in good working condition. After all, the sooner you spot an issue, the sooner you can have it fixed without needing to spend a lot of time and money on it.

With the PMBO housekeeping app, you can identify these issues before they turn into significant capital expenses. By doing so, you can keep maintenance costs down and profits high.

As you are planning your next vacation or thinking about purchasing a vacation rental, we encourage you to consider a glamping vacation rental like a yurt. You’ll be amazed at how wonderful your glamping experience will be inside a yurt, and you may never consider staying inside a gloomy hotel room ever again.

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