Vacation Rental Management


Make your rental property truly a “passive investment”. Let us handle every detail of operating your vacation rental ensuring guests stay happy and the property is maintained.

No more middle of the night calls from guests. No more frustration when the guest shows up in town without directions. No more interruptions during dinner because your guest forgot the clubhouse passcode or wants to know your recommendation for activities to do while they’re in town.

Leave the day-to-day guest management to us!!

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PMBO Property Listing


We promote your vacation rental on popular rental sites to maximize your rental income.

We use our proven platform, social media, VRBO and partner sites, AirBnB and others to make sure your rental receives maximum exposure to the most popular online rental reservation sites.

Maximum exposure equals more inquiries and less vacancies.

Professional Photography

Professional Photography

We coordinate to ensure that all properties have professional photos, with updates as needed every couple years. Attention should be focused not just on property features, but also on the experience those images will tell travelers.

Your property images are the doorway that a traveler walks through to become your guest. Create your doorway to be inviting and alluring, beckoning to the weary souls searching for an escape from their daily life. Because travelers see and process images much faster than words, your images have the power to immediately draw a traveler in or to immediately push them to the next property on the list.

Optimize your photos and your bookings will multiply. We stage and assist with all professional photography shoots.

Rate Calendar Optimization

Rate & Calendar Optimization

We promote your vacation rental on popular rental sites to maximize your rental income.

We use our proven platform, social media, VRBO and partner sites, AirBnB and others to make sure your rental receives maximum exposure to the most popular online rental reservation sites.

Maximum exposure equals more inquiries and less vacancies.

Guest Reviews

Guest reviews

We all inherently know that reviews matter, but even we were surprised by a recent study done by TripAdvisor. They estimate that 96% of guests consider reading reviews important when planning trips and 83% of guests will “usually” or “always” reference reviews before deciding to book vacation lodging.

Their study support findings from numerous previous studies on traveler behavior, show that reviews clearly influence travelers’ booking decisions and as such continue to be of the upmost importance for vacation rental owners.

Number of reviews also plays a key role as well as “last review date”. More than half of guests have reported that they will not book a property that doesn’t have any reviews.

The majority of travelers (79%) will read at least 6-12 reviews before making a reservation. We communicate with guests during and after their stay, letting them know that we hope they have a 5 STAR stay, asking for direct feedback if anything needs attention and encouraging them to do a review for us after their stay.

Our focus on guest experience is a direct action we take in order to promote good reviews. Second only to photography, reviews are key in securing rental guests!

Guest Screening Reservations

Guest SCREENING & reservations

Renting out your property will always have a degree of risk, but we can minimize this risk by properly screening guests prior to booking.

We communicate with most guests prior to booking and ensure that we have guest agreement to property terms and conditions for ALL guests.

Even on platforms such as VRBO and AirBnB, we are able to communicate with guests via text/email to ensure that we have a good match for the property and we make every attempt to screen out the groups/parties that are not desired.

We treat your property as if we are renting out one of our properties. We book those guests that we would want to have stay with us and we have a strong communication process throughout the stay to ensure that guest are aware that we are a local professional company with expectations that the property will be treated with respect.

Local Guest


We value and build great relationships with our guests, exceeding their needs so they respect your property as their home and want to come back on their next visit!

With our guest app, we keep in contact with guests, contacting them prior to arrival, at check-in, during their stay, prior to check-out, check-out and post stay reviews.

Guests love us because of benefits like great communication, easy check-in, flexibility with arrivals and departures, clean units and a friendly welcome! Our focus is on the guest experience and part of that experience is providing outstanding guest support.

PMBO Housekeeping Add-on


We make sure your rental is sparkling clean and ready for the next guest’s arrival including: sweeping, mopping, changing bedding, restocking supplies and anything else needed.

Having a clean rental is a must in today’s rental world and directly impacts rental reviews and ratings. You want to ensure you have someone looking out after your rental property to ensure it maintains cleaning standards. Inspections are key!

Check out our VacaVibe Mobile houskeeping app!

Rent Collection


Leave bookkeeping to us so you can count on reliable rental payment collection and handle all sales tax payments to city, county and state. View performance anytime in the reporting dashboard.

Staging and Firnishing Icon


Just purchased your investment home or condo and want to maximize your investment and cash flow? Being experienced in both the real estate and rental management fields, we can help with suggestions on staging and features that will make your home a desired vacation rental. We are all about the guest and we can help you to set up your home to maximize your rental potential, guests visits and reviews!

Preferred Maintenance Vendors

Preferred Maintenance Vendors

Keeping your vacation rental updated is of critical importance in maintaining the value of your investment property and in attracting guests. Use our preferred service providers and contractors for minor repairs or major renovations. We can even make recommendations as to the best “bang for your buck” in repairs/renovations to improve rental potential and over-all property values.

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